Node Knockout


163 teams all over the world celebrated Node Knockout 2012 this weekend. Node Knockout is 48 hours of non-stop Node.js hackery.

Substack, Dominic, and Raynos created a browser-based, multi-player adventure game where you can cast spells on any object around you by changing the object's javascript code! For example, you can turn your friend into a monster or a rock if he pisses you off. Click on anything around you to see it's code and start hacking!

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For those of you who want a peek behind the curtain:

we use a streaming data replication module, crdt, and then connect it up over mux-demux (stream multiplexer) and shoe. shoe provides a stream api over websockets, mux-demux provides multiple streams over a single stream and crdt provides a data model that can be updated from either end, and is eventually consistent.

I have no better picture to describe my brain now: wtf-cat